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Welcome to NEXREVIVE, where V design & deliver your space, brand, and workflow, optimized to achieve your business to thrive.

Founded in 1998 in Dubai, we've been delivering innovative solutions to help you live and work better, making your brand and business more professional, profitable & visible.

NEXREVIVE is parent company of eWorks Global, eWorks & ALM Agency

Repetitive Lines

Business Challenges Unchanged. Technology Evolved.

Never in the history of mankind we have witnessed such a rapid evolution of Technology as we experience today. NEXREVIVE is your gateway to innovation and excellence in a diverse world of possibilities. As a dynamic holding company, we serve as the driving force behind three exceptional subsidiaries, each specializing in distinct yet interconnected realms of creativity and innovation driven by our eWorks - the System that Works.

Interior Modern Brick House

🏡 Space Management: Our interior design subsidiary transforms spaces into personalized masterpieces. Marrying aesthetics and functionality, we elevate comfort and individuality, breathing life into environments that inspire. 

📣Brand Visibility: 
In the realm of communication, our advertising subsidiary crafts compelling narratives and strategic campaigns. We build brands that resonate with audiences, creating results that speak volumes.

🌐 Workflow Automation: 
With precision and ingenuity, our App development subsidiary pioneers groundbreaking technological solutions. We craft code that empowers businesses to thrive in the digital age, embracing the future of innovation. We are the owners of eWorks – An End-to-End Workflow System, powered by CLARIS an Apple Company.

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Offices 35-37, Oasis Center

SZR, Dubai,,

United Arab Emirates


+971 56 149 5919

+971 56 612 2304

+971  43 855 825

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8:00 am – 8:00 pm


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9:00 am – 9:00 pm

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