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eWorks provides an Effective and Powerful way to Manage Your Business

Designed by eWorks

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

Better Collaboration

With the Right System, Great Things Can Happen

Good Business is our backbone. Human welfare depends on that. Technology is every where and has never been so reachable, accessible & affordable as today. Integrating right technologies into a System to follow is the birthplace of Greatness, enriching our lives and achieving our goals.

What is eWorks?

A Manager’s dream who has lived, experienced and struggled in the real world of business for more than 30 years. Converted his rich experiences into a simple, powerful and fundamentals of business into a single file platform.

eWorks that Works

eWorks That Works

We all use various technology tools to face and manage day to day business processes. eWorks is a natural & simple implementation, empowering most challenging processes of business.

All In One System

All-In-One System

Business fundamentals such as Your Contacts (Customers, Suppliers, Prospects), Products or Services, Resources (HR), Tasks, Finances, Sales, Infobase and Learning Center is in one place in a Single File on the Cloud.

Comprehensive Implementation

Comprehensive Implementation

Every Manager faces two challenges. First to identify the right technology that encompasses the business in the most efficient way. Second and perhaps more challenging is that it is implemented across business. We not only do a comprehensive installation, we make sure it is implemented.

Smart Automation Tools

Smart Automation Tools

eWorks is developed in Claris (formerly known as FileMaker) - an Apple company. This Low Code development allows eWorks to integrate a process that is unique to your business. This RAD (Rapid Application Development) is a salient feature, that cuts the cost and time of unique process integration.

Built for Managers, by Managers

A low-code development platform takes a visual approach to build an app. Instead of writing code line by line, you can use an intuitive point-and-click, or drag-and-drop approach to building an app.

Regardless of programming experience, low-code development allows for the creation of fast, easy, and customized apps to solve unique business problems. Low-code development provides a foundation that anyone can learn and build upon to unlimited levels of functionality and complexity.

All-In-One FILE

Integrated File Sharing

Total Design & Customization Freedom

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

Low-code developers are creative thinkers. They’re also business owners, warehouse supervisors, project managers, teachers, healthcare workers, and salespeople. Accessible for anyone. Powerful enough for pros. No limits on your creative potential with Claris FileMaker, the low-code leader for decades. The Power of Apple the Power of Simplicity.

Powered by Claris
Claris an Apple company
Trusted by Industry leaders
Trusted by Industry leaders
Trusted by Industry leaders
Trusted by Industry leaders
Trusted by Industry leaders
Trusted by Industry leaders
Trusted by Industry leaders
Trusted by Industry leaders

What Our Clients Say


eWorks Global has been with us for many years and they have not failed us. I am proud to say that when they were developing their eWorks  System I could contribute my experiences and thoughts which they duly appreciated and incorporated.
I came in contact with eWorks when my business was a startup and now after decades of our business relationship, I realize how crucial and critical is to have an honest relationship. They in every step of the way, shared their true thoughts, what is possible and what is not.


Latifa Saifuddin,
MBZ Group

Our group has multiple businesses such as Real Estate, Hospitality, Building Maintenance Etc. Initially we approached them for minor marketing services and end up with their End-to-End Workflow eWorks System and we can not imagine how we can be without it.

Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With Our Workflow Solutions

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